TAG : Blogivitis

Chinneeq & mom of cairo tag me on this . This tag is called Blogivitis, at first I don’t understand what it’s means until I read some blogger which had affected by this disease. Then I realize I got affected too even I just started blogging few months ago. Look like it’s a dangerous disease. hehehe

The tag supposed to list down 10 symptoms. But I only can list down less than 10 symptoms.

These are my symptoms of the Blogivitis virus I have contracted:

BLOG about my boy – To record my moments as a mother to my boy and how I deal with parenting and my boy milestones.

BLOG about photo – I started to be aware about my boy development, movement, action and many way just for me to capture his pictures. Not only my boy pictures, even things happened around me .Started to bring along my camera everyway I go…. Then think, think, think what i m going to write on those pictures.

BLOG about wallpaper – If u read my blog, you’ll realized I like to edit and used wallpaper which I download from internet. I like pictures or images . So sometime I take sometime to search and download those wallpaper which is cute, anime, vector,3D, photographic, featured, illustrative, urban, girlie, nature and many more… until my hardisk is full and heavy and slow and no time to back up.

BLOG about TAGS – Tags is just like the way i communicate with other blogger, for me to link with other blogger and for other to notice about my blog even tags sometime sound like ‘homework’ to me. 🙂

BLOG about homework

  • I go to work and immediately check my blog and Gmail , read other mummies blog and give comments. Sometime I scarified my lunch time just to write blog .
  • Get hard working on checking dictionary on spelling even download i-dictionary and e-kamus (Malay to English, Chinese to English, English to Malay) , I not even so hard working while I study . hahaha
  • Everyday also have to check blog and email, other wise I feel miss out something and I sometime even feel down when nobody leave me comments …. Hehehe
  • I use to be very busy during weekend, housework, take care my boy even visit my grandma and do some shopping (family day), I will still ‘curi’ 10-15 minute just to ‘look see look see’ my blog and other mummies blog even I dun write any post.
  • While I m writing a post, there must be nobody there to “kacau” me, other wise I get mad and I forgot what I wanna to write next .

Those are the disease i got from Blogivitis… How about you (I’m gonna tag ):


Zara & Zaria mama


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