Happy 4th Anniversary to Our Marriage.

First Meet : Around early 1997 Polytechnic Ungku Omar ( PCF – Poly Christian Fellowship)

Started dating : 27 May 1997 (long distance relationship and courtship for nearly 6 years)

Registered Married : 9 March 2002 (at Chinese Assembly Hall)

Chinese wedding ceremony : 22 June 2003 ( Dinner at Bukit Mewah Clubhouse, kajang)

Maintaining a good marriage can sometimes be a difficult task. Marriages can very in their good times and bad. There are many great ways to maintain a good marriage and keep your happiness and love alive. Marriage does not have to be something difficult, the more effort you put into a marriage, the easier it becomes.

The easiest way to maintain a good marriage is to start out with a good marriage. The better your relationship is to begin with, the less effort you will have to put into it. Love of course is the base of a marriage, but there is more to it than that. You need to be friends with your spouse; meaning that you share everything and talk about everything together. The more you share with each other, the closer you will become. This closeness is something that is extraordinary when you come across it. This is the sign of a genuine and good marriage. There are many flaws of course still, no marriage is perfect, but the better it is, the closer you and your spouse will become.


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