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Healy tagged me on this beauty tag. Honestly after I have my boy, I m much ‘ching chai’ about beauty , cos sometime is too tired and forgot . But here are my answers to the questions posed/tags.

What five beauty products could you not live without?
There’s nothing I can’t live without on beauty product. So, I’ll say my currently beauty products that I always used.

1. BIO-ESSENCE Deep Cleanser
2. BIO-ESSENCE Radiant Youth Essence
3. BIO-ESSENCE Deep Nourishing Tone
4. UV Foundation powder (prevent freckles) from Herbaline 美心
5. Cyber Colours Honey Lip Sheer
What’s the worst beauty mistake you’ve made ?

Ehh, so far NOPE .

What’s your skincare regime consist of ?

Drinks lots of water, juice and eat lots of fruits.

Step1 BIO-ESSENCE Deep Cleanser Step2 BIO-ESSENCE Deep Nourishing Tone Step3 BIO-ESSENCE Radiant Youth Essence Step4 CELMONZE whitening C Cream ..continue with simple and little make up (if working day)

Make up products : foundation powder, mascara, lipstick and blusher (mostly from Sasa)

Step1 BIO-ESSENCE Deep Cleanser Step2 BIO-ESSENCE Deep Nourishing Tone Step3 BIO-ESSENCE Radiant Youth Essence Step4 BIO-ESSENCE Face Lifting Cream (face & neck) Step5 BIO-ESSENCE Freckles Fading Cream Night.

(Sometime I was too tired to follow all the steps, I will just deep wash my face and apply radiant youth essence to avoid dryness then i go ZZZZZZZZ )

Favourite beauty treat ?

Facials. I try to schedule an appointment every 1 month or the longer was 2 months. I like facials cos it’s can really help clean up my face, especially black and white head , remember go for treatment facial rather than normal facial. Part of this, become mummy , sometime is just too tired to follow all the steps I wrote above and i enjoy being pamper by doing facials.

What’s your favourite beauty store ?

Nothing specific. … Sasa

Favourite budget brand ?

What ever I can afford to pay is within my budget, I think Bio-essence is a budget local brand, which is not expensive and not too cheap. As for make up product i’ll visit Sasa , lot’s of choice and within affordable price.

Favourite premium brands ?

I dont’t have one , i dont’t really go for premium brands due to budget constraints.

What’s your ’every girl must own one’ item

Lipstick with gloss to keep your lip hydrating.

And hair care ?

I still cant find a right product, recently was using JS Scalp Cleansing Shampoo, JS PH Balancing Conditioner, JS Exclusive Leave In Bioserine, JS essential oil and also head & shoulder.
Cream and glossy gel to manage my curly hair.
(I myself have a natural curly hair .It’s thick and very dry, what I plan to do was instead of bonding straight I go for perming to make it more volume and curl. Becos, I realize curly is more easy to manage compare to straight hair plus my natural curly hair wasn’t have the perm style, so i will perm it soon . Don’t need to comb hair , only comb when after i wash)

And finally, best beauty tip ?

Woman’s beauty depends on plenty of SLEEP

Get lots of sleep. Especially for mother. Its preferable to go sleep not later than at 10-11 p.m. According to biorhythms, the most useful time for sleeping is from 11 p.m. to 5 a.m. Sleeping exactly at this time is the most useful and profound for you which can help you to look better and live longer.

My tag go to :

Jazzmint ( pay u back a TAG 🙂

Annie Q ( i wondering how u manage ur beauty secret & at the sametime manage ur 2 boys)

Vivian ( New mummy in blogsphere , first tag for you ?? my very first tag was taged by Jazzmint )

Some mummies had done this tag : Amy, 5xmon, healy & other


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