TOYS do more than just keep babies entertained – they’re extremely important for their mental, physical, intellectual and social development.

I started introduce toys to Jeremy when he was about 3 months.

By 3 months Jeremy has discovered his hands and his mouth. His fists will uncurl more and he’ll be able to start grasping. He may hold things for a moment and then lift them to his mouth to suck. Almost everything he grabs is likely to end up in his mouth. Jeremy now hold onto objects and wave them around. He’s also aware of the differences between his toys. Now is a good time to introduce different textures and sizes of toys.

The first toys I introduce was the gym playground , music box and of cos some of the teething soft toys. The most fascinating toys to a baby are those that make noise, or that use a lot of high contrast black and white, or bright colors such as red and yellow.

Recently I was introduce him some soft toys like this doggie and orange dino. At first he was abit afraid of the soft toys. Slowly he can accept it.

Another great toys was balls. Balls are great because you can make a game of rolling them back and forth, he will have a lot of fun and laugh when he see the ball bounce.

Beside the toys above, Book was important for baby development too. Baby is now able to focus on objects at different distances so it’s a good time to start reading to them. He’ll be able to see the pictures and words . I introduce many colorful pictures to Jeremy. He like those sharp color pictures.

When time go by… will have more to introduce … mama have more shopping list ..heheheh. Baby have lots of fun, and I have lots of fun not only watching him play with the toys, I have fun doing shopping and searching baby toys..

Mummy … What is your best choice for baby toys and what is your baby favorite toys ??

* some photos i took few month back..( The photos shown Jeremy around 4-7.5 month)


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