Tantrum 發脾氣

My son can be sweet as pie one minute and the next minute can be mad and show me his tantrums and sometime cry very hard like can shake the whole house … He will scream if i take an item away from him or do anything that he doesn’t want and Jay’s quite easy to get mad too.
Jay almost 8 month old soon and hates to be left alone. Every night after putting him to sleep , he will wake up around 2 or 3 hour, but as soon as he didn’t see us he starts to cry and won’t stop until one of us is holding him or sitting right next to him or pamper him until he fall a sleep again. Is my son spoiled?” I do think a baby can be spoiled, babies need to cry some, just like adults need to talk. Baby cry to communicate their need. Still learning a better way to deal with my boy. Hopefully our attention and love not spoiling him.

My boy wants to be held most of the time but I do enjoy holding him most of the time too because he is growing up so fast that in a matter of months he will be crawling and walking and might not want to be held anymore . Of cos sometime we felt tired to held him all the time. I believe children at this age need the comfort of closeness, especially of warmth and skin.
Anyway, how mummies handle baby when there show tantrums ?? *-*


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