Jeremy’s Booster Seat

Normally when we (me ,MIL or nanny) fed Jay’s for his meal, we normally carried him. Means that I only had one hand free to fed him, another hand was carried him… so yesterday I was introduced him the fold-up booster seat, nowadays Jay can seat on his own, but yet not very stable and he like to twist here and there and his not very patient when keep him for certain way for a longer time….sign…..

First time on the booster seat, he look so happy and excited with it !!! The booster seat come with a strap inside and with retractable strap system outside. Is more secure to hold him even he was showing me his madness after seating too long!! Well…it’s really need time to train this little naughty boy to being patient 🙂 But for sure is easy to feed him in this way that we can facing each other, i can easily talk to him, look at him and smile at him.

What I like about this fold-up booster was : Easy to transport, takes up little space, Portable, light, brightly colored, folds up compactly, easy to wipe clean, straps securely to most types of dining chair and very handy.

Last, thank you to my two friends (niny & huichein) for this wonderful gift for Jeremy Boy.


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