My Breast Feeding Journey

I manage to breast feed Jeremy for 7 months, means I just stop breast feeding him.

Recall back …
The first time was very tough for me especially newly mother , I not even know how to carry my boy when nurse hand over Jeremy for me .
She just told me : Time for breast feeding, u wana try ?? I look at the nurse with a silly face…. “ ehh, how ?, can u teach me how to carry and how to breast feed ? .
The nurse was very kind, in fact she was very young. She taught me the very basic thing, how to carry my baby first , then taught me how to breast feed in a proper way and how to let my baby latch . It’s was out of my surprise that Jeremy immediately start sucking….No cry even no milk from me.. That was ard 10pm… so quite , I was so amazed by that moment !!

First time always the tougher wan, no milk …. 2nd time breast feed still no milk…3rd time also no milk.. Until I reach home also no milk , I started worry, started to call my friends… how ….?? Stress slowly come to me , feel like crying, painful somemore but have to tahan the pain and carry my boy , letting him latch more. But one thing I was glad that my boy suck even no milk, his not crying even no milk, in fact he like to suck . I dun wan to push myself too hard and ask my hubby go get a formula milk to stand by. He bought Weyth s26 cos was using by the Hospital when Jeremy was born.

After 2 – 3 days trying, the milk flow started and produced. The first time I pump was only 1 OZ, that 1 OZ was so precious to me and my baby, and is the first breast milk and is very healthy for baby, I told my aunt (who taking care of me and my baby during my confinement), make sure jeremy finished the milk. The 2nd time pump was ard 2 – 3 OZ, I began to gain back my confidence and being happy that finally I can do it. The higher I able to pump was 12OZ .. 🙂 Pumping or express milk was something very stressful to me sometime, cos it’s can use up to 30 minute to one hour time just to pump milk. Very tired , very stressful especially not enough milk, especially cant pump out as much as u want. I used avent manual breast pump. People told me, have to rest more during confinement . How to rest ? always breast feed my boy , when no breast feed have to start express milk to store . Each day I pump ard 3-5 time .

2 month maternity was over ……. Started to worry how to arrange the time for express milk in the office, how to store , how to hand over to nanny …. Another challenge begin …
Everyday to work I had to prepared so many thing, pump, bottle, towel, cooler bag, ice technic cube , nursing pads . My department was small, so I had my own toilet , I call it my toilet, cos seldom ppl use, so the toilet was clean and I can put my thing there. Nothing that make me worry, the only thing I concern was the pumping sound … from the breast pump …. ‘ yeak..yeak..yeak…’ From the beginning at work, I pump 2 times a day. Each time ard 5OZ. Colleagues was asking me when i store in the fridge , there actually know what is inside the cooler bag, there just wana ask ‘ susu kar?” I just give them a smile.

After I reach home, have to quickly store the milk and started another pumping session … ard 6pm-7pm. In between I will let my boy suck. Before I go to bed, I will pump another time ard 11pm. If mid night due to engorgement I still need to pump , But normally I wait till 5-6am.

For the first 2-3 month I consider 90% full breast milk. For the 4-5 month , daytime started to mix with formula milk , 2 breast milk, 2 formula milk. And at the 5 month, slowly introduce solid food. For the 6-7 month, daytime all with formula milk and solid food, only breast feed 1 at the bed time, and 1 at early morning before I go to work. I decide to stop breast feeding at this moment. I wana have a break even I m not yet planning for 2nd baby..

Voila …. This is my breastfeeding 7 month journey. I m actually proud of myself, I able to breast feed this long even not as long as Jeremy 1 years old. Even not as papa target , papa hopefully I can breast feed Jeremy until he reach 1 years old.
Ohh.. abit long about this post, but I could like to jot down as a memory or motivation to myself in future. Is very important to have somebody around you to support u on breast feeding, either husband, friends , relative or parent. It’s help. As for me i had all the support from them, especially my hubby.


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