TAG : Who is my fan ??

When I got this tag from Chinneeq I straight away reply to her that she tag the wrong person, cos I just started blogging not even 2 month … can say I have not much fans out there .

Within this 2 month Blogging, there’s few mummies take a visit to my blog often and give comments .

1) Chanel – She is my Poly schoolmate… year 1997 ?? (ard that year).. the one who ask
me to try blogging long time ago… I just read , I dun write that time. Cos I m not good in
writing & poor english.

2) Jazzmint – I visit jazz blog when I haven started blogging, all her scrapbook and her kids
photo that actually attract me first . 🙂 A very interesting blog.

3) Chinneeq – I just get to know her … very nice mum and very friendly.

4) And some other mummies on and off drop by my blog, or some prefer not to leave any
footprints behind …. Thank You .

For those who visit and leave comments is actually very encouraging for new blogger like me.

The tag shall go to Chanel again … if not mistaken u haven got this tag right ???


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