TAG : Meaning of Jeremy Chang Ee Jay’s Name (郑 奕 吉吉)

Well … this was my very first tag and was tag by jazzmint .. Never done any tag before since I started blogging. Luckily not so difficult. 🙂

Papa was English education (“banana”) and I was Chinese education. So just nice for us to choose our boy name , Papa choose English name and I choose Chinese name.

English name : Jeremy
We list out quite number of English name , I like the name started with ‘J’ . At first we thot Jeremiah was a nice name, But after we discussed, we found the name was a bit too long . It’s have to pronounced as jare-ah-MYE-ah. . Another problem was how if Jer friends especially Malay friends or Malay teachers cant pronounce the name ?? cos we are in Malaysia mah … it will turn out bahasa name
“Je-ri-miah” ..that will totally different and turn out to be a funny name .

Jeremy was variant from Jeremiah . So we decide to give Jeremy to our little boy !!

Chinese Name : Chang Ee Jay. ( 郑 奕 吉吉)
As for the Chinese character , I like this 吉吉, It’s a new Chinese character , you can’t find this character in old Chinese dictionary or even online Chinese-english dictionary. It’s a new character . It’s same meaning as . Meaning intelligent. In Chinese character means lucky, propitious and good . 吉吉 got 2 character of . Double propitious !!
We choose this 吉吉 character first then only we choose the middle name to match the last name and we found character seem to be a good name to match 吉吉 . meaning magnificent . With Magnificent and intelligent cum double propitious ..

Before the final decision was made, we have few Chinese name in list for my parents in law to choose, there also like the name that we were choosing .. phewww… luckily !!!!

Spelling for Ee Jay was an idea from my best friend (Siew Ling) cos the third name was abit difficult to come out with a word and Ee Jay turn out to be a very nice name too.

That’s how the name came fromJeremy Chang Ee Jay.

now ….

First of all, I do not know much mummies at the parents forum and I think not much mummies know about my blog too. But somehow I have to tag 5 person, it’s the “rule” . 🙂 hard for me to choose !!!

I could like to tag the 5 mummies below :
Chanel ( seem u r the one who ask me to write blog :))
Gene Ni ( Wong Zoey)
Sharon – (Brandon & Eryn) so long never heard from u.
…….. who lei ????
Sue (Ivan & Izac) sory.. I know u got a lot of tags..
Chin Nee (Qi Qi) ..i read ur blog from time to time even I didn’t leave comment… wait my boy turn 1 years old ..might join the play ground that u organize 🙂

**Start Copy**
Proposition: What is the meaning of your kid’s name?Requirements: write about what or how or why you giving the name to your kids.Quantity: FIVE PEOPLE.Tag Mode:1st – You leave their blog and post link and add to the list below.2nd – Let the blogger you want to tag know they been tagged by comment in their blog or etc.
Woan Jiun – I know the meaning, but still want you to do
Domestic Goddess – long time no see her writing post


7 Responses to “TAG : Meaning of Jeremy Chang Ee Jay’s Name (郑 奕 吉吉)”

  1. jazzmint Says:

    i like the name jeremiah..but like u say, alot ppl dunno how to pronouce 😦

  2. chinneeq Says:

    nice name 🙂

  3. cairo's mommy Says:

    wah, must tell my hubby, your boy’s name similar to his (ji3 in chinese and jay in english version) kekeke

  4. chinneeq Says:

    care to do this tag ? refer to

  5. sue Says:

    Aiyoooo….. sure pei min you wan, later ok when I’m free I go do tag like a good girl *hehehehe*. How’s your hubs by the way, everything ok already?

  6. Anggie's journel Says:

    tq tq for ur support 😀
    My hubby is fine already. tq.

  7. Pinky Says:

    Your boy boy look very cute and shares the same Christian name as my son. I really like the way you spelt his Chinese name – Ee Jay and the sound as well:)

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