Terrify Car Accident Happen To Us

This terrify car accident happened to us on the 17 may around 9:30 pm after dinner and
on our way home .

Papa was injured and got around 10 stitches on the forehead. Jeremy boy was knock on the forehead and get swollen too. And i was also knock on the head but not serious.

After the hinted, papa was send to Kajang Hospital by ambulants follow by Jeremy was send to Hospital by my sister in law to check on the head too.. papa have to go for x’ray but Jeremy was under observation for 24 hour too. After checking , Doctor allow us to back home. Both under observation for 24 Hour at home.

That night i slept around 4:30am … i was still in shock and have to watch out for them in case papa or Jer show any sickness like vomit, bleeding or pain.

I was very grateful and thank GOD for protect us from any serious injuring at this terrify Accident !! We all are save even the car was serious damage .

This accident just happened on Papa birthday !!!


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