Banana – ‘Cado

New recipes for Jay …

Banana-Cado (Baby food combination ideas)

Blend Avocado and Bananas for a great meal and add the blend to baby’s cereal for better taste .
More recipe .. check this out !!

9 Responses to “Banana – ‘Cado”

  1. sue Says:

    Hi 🙂 Welcome to blogging. Saw your post at BBS forum and thought I’d pay you a visit. You baby really cute and I just love all your poems!

  2. jazzmint Says:

    looks yummy hehe

  3. Anggie's journel Says:

    Hi sue and jazzmint… thank u for visiting my blog 🙂

  4. zara's mama Says:

    Wah.. sedap!

  5. zara's mama Says:

    Looks like he’s enjoying the food.. Have to try that when Zara starts solid. But we normally don’t blend banana, papaya, or avocado. I just use a fork to mash it.

  6. Anggie's journel Says:

    Hi ZMM..i only blend avocado, cos it’s very hard to mash with fork.

    check this out:
    lots of recipe !!!

  7. hwee pin Says:

    I feel ‘geli’ to the Avocado’s taste. But your method (add banana) works !

  8. Hwee Pin Says:

    Mmm…., not yet go through the recipe. You know lah, busy with Jin Er. But roughly flip through, quite good coz the nutrients of food also stated there.

  9. Hwee pin Says:

    I told u i will post u the food chart right ? So sorry not yet post, but i can let u know the contents now & post to you later. Actually is just a simple chart as follow: –

    Foods are least likely to cause allergic reactions (to be introduced from 6 mths)
    – rice, pear, prune, carrot, apple

    Foods which are usually well tolerated, but occasionally cause allergic reactions (to be introduced from 6 mth)
    – barley, apricot, beef, wheat, plum, spinach, cabbage, oat, banana, chicken, peach, broccoli, lamb, turnip, potato, cherry, sweet corn

    Foods which are most likely to cause allergic reactions (to be introduced from 9 mth)
    – berries (strawberry and rasberry), egg yolk (must be fully cooked), legumes (sotabeans, beans), fish

    Foods which are highly allergenic (to be introduced from 12 mth)
    -seafood (prawns, crabs, dried and fresh scallops), peanuts, egg white

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